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Music Video Premiere for 'By The Sea' with Americana UK

Before the track comes out tomorrow, you can check out an exclusive premiere of 'By The Sea' with a music video premiere on Americana UK

‘By The Sea’ is a travelling song; a love letter that describes the feeling of being locked in place for too long and craving a seismic change. Born on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, I start to itch when I’ve been away from the sea for more than a few months. A salty harbour is so very grounding for me, a mortality check, a reminder that there are so few things I truly need in life. The potential to lose ourselves in the material life crops up as a theme more than once on the album, certainly adding fuel to this track. The last year has been a good time to take stock of what’s really important, so the sentiment still feels deeply relevant.

‘The Party’s Over’ is heavily inspired by the 1970’s Americana aesthetic. Joan Didion hosting barefoot dinner parties in Malibu; Linda Ronstadt in knee socks and roller skates; Tom Waits in a seedy neon diner; a muted rainbow of mustard yellow, and burnt orange and turquoise. In 2019, I visited Croatia and stayed in a hotel which felt like a place that time forgot. I shot hours of footage there which I knew would be perfect for ‘By The Sea,’ long before I ever thought the track would be a single. The kids jumping off the diving platforms is the spirit of the song in its purest distillation. Playing with the joy of travel and the nostalgia of that faded aesthetic in the video resulted in such feel-good imagery for me and I hope that translates on a broader scale.

Currently, it feels like the world is living in the 1st verse of the song, so I’m looking forward to progressing to the 3rd.”

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